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Computer networking services by North American ComputerOne of the biggest challenges that most businesses face is obtaining the right technology to serve their needs. At North American Computer, we analyze each client’s unique needs and aim to implement a network strategy that will not hinder daily functions or frustrate employees.  North American Computer is committed to assuring that clients have the necessary and practical networking technology which helps your business improve and run more efficiently and securely.

A network is necessary for any business that is looking to increase productivity, data security and efficiency. By implementing a computer network you can increase effectiveness while remaining competitive through savings on hardware costs. Even the simplest of networks can assist your business in staying productive and efficiently sharing information. Data can be centrally located with controlled access and also backed up on a regular basis to insure against loss of information. The North American Computer team has decades of experience in providing networking solutions for clients throughout Waukesha and Milwaukee.


Network Security

Computer Networking can do more harm than good if it is left unsecured and vulnerable to unauthorized access. North American Computer recommends a combination of security precautions that includes spam filters, firewalls and wireless security.


Spam Filters

Email is crucial for your business communication, but it can also expose your business to malware, viruses and more.  Implementing email security and spam filters will help protect your business against viruses, zombies, spam, phishing and other attacks.


Firewall Security

Proper implementation of firewall security is one of many proven measures which keep your network secure and operating safely.

Firewalls act as a security guard that prevents unwanted users from accessing your information. Perimeter Firewalls are basically the “moat around your castle”.

If you have confidential information stored on your network, a firewall is critical.

Although most servers employ a basic software firewall, a hardware perimeter firewall is the recommended solution for businesses.  Like any device, these firewalls need to be updated and monitored because hackers are becoming more proficient at bypassing and tricking them.  It is crucial to have a trained network technician monitor and maintain these critical firewall updates.


Wireless Security

Wireless security must be applied to all levels of communication and entities networked.  Wireless security must also be applied to all data and functions that are accessed on the network.

Many companies believe that because there are no corporate wireless access points installed in their network, wireless security is not an issue for their network.  Many businesses are surprised to learn after a network breach that a well-intentioned employee had connected an unsecured wireless router or hotspot to the company network without authorization. We can perform a wireless security audit to locate rogue wireless devices. Continued wireless security is always necessary to prevent unauthorized access or damage to every network.

Wireless adapters on Laptops

Practically all laptop computers purchased by businesses are now equipped with wireless adapters. This means that when a wireless-enabled laptop is connected to the network, the device is potentially broadcasting wirelessly.  Unless wireless security / file sharing measures are implemented on the laptop , individuals with malicious intent can gather information from this broadcast, and potentially gain access to the wired network via the laptop.

Accidental associations with multiple networks

When one of your employees turns on a wireless device, it may automatically connect to an outside wireless network. While connected to the overlapping network proprietary information is exposed, and a link can be created from one company to another.

Non-Traditional Wireless Devices

Every day more and more wireless devices are coming into the workplace.  Unbeknownst to many, these devices may be creating potential security issues for networks. Devices such as Bluetooth, Barcode readers, and handheld P.D.A’s need security protection. For the same reason as wireless laptops, any unsecured device can weaken your network security and make it vulnerable to attack.