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Computer Tune-Up Special

Now just $57.00 plus tax

Our computer tune-up special includes:

  • Removal of temporary internet files*

˃ These take up space and provide a trail to all your surfing

     * Up to Two User Accounts included, Additional Accounts $10.00 Each

  • Remove temporary files from Windows Temp Directory

˃ These also take up space and are the remnants of installations, etc.

  • Optimize hard drive(s)

˃ We utilize multiple utilities to defragment the hard drive(s)

  • Check/Clear event logs
  • Internal visual check   (Desktop computers only)

˃ Check for broken wires, signs of overheating and unsafe conditions

  • Verify operation of all fans, including CPU fan

˃ If any of these fans stop working, severe damage can result

  • Blow dust out floppy drives/CD/DVD, if installed
  • Install any missing Microsoft Windows Critical Security Updates
  • Check/Optimize Windows Page File Size
  • Clean interior* & exterior (*Laptops – blow out fans/vents)


***Optional services listed below***

Option 1: Virus/Malware Identification

If requested we can run multiple Virus/Malware scans to “identify” * suspected threats. Additional $30.00 per physical hard drive. Most people have one physical hard drive installed. *Note: Virus/Malware Identification scans are used to determine if further services are required to remove the malware or reload the operating system. Removal is an additional service. This $30.00 can be applied to any Virus/Malware remediation/removal labor cost.


Option 2: Hard drive integrity check $30.00

˃     PC Technician utility software is run—it is a nondestructive check of all sectors on the hard drive to    verify the integrity of the hard drive.   Helpful in determining if “Blue screens” or lock ups are hard drive related.       This $30.00 can be applied to any repair labor cost.