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How to Keep Your PC Running Smoothly

The desire to keep your PC running smoothly is not an unreasonable one. Most everyone remembers the awesome speed they experienced when their laptop or desktop PC was brand new. However, it seems inevitable that after several months, PC performance begins to degrade and everything slows down. Logging on takes longer, files open up slowly, and even the internet browser opens and operates terribly slow. Did you know that it’s possible to keep your PC running fast by exercising some simple preventative measures?

What Makes your Laptop or PC Run Slowly?

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Before you get too frustrated and do something drastic, it’s important to understand how your PC gets bogged down…

One major culprit that will quickly diminish the speed and performance of any laptop or desktop PC is unnecessary software or applications. Most of the common unwanted software programs, otherwise known as “Bloatware” or bloated software. These programs are introduced to your PC during the upgrade process of essential programs that are already installed on your system. Most software requires periodic updates, and in many instances bloatware programs are bundled together with otherwise trusted and reputable program updates. In most cases it is during this otherwise routine upgrade process that unknown software is downloaded and installed on your laptop or PC.

In 99% of software upgrade instances, the option to “decline” any bundled programs is available. However, many times people quickly click through the upgrade process without paying close attention and they miss the option to exclude it. The unwanted software application often runs silently and unnoticed, robbing your PC of processor performance. It doesn’t take long before unwanted bloatware will overwhelm your system, resulting in very poor performance and frustration to the end-user.

Identifying Unwanted Software before it’s Installed

One familiar software program that has bundled software included in their upgrades is Adobe Reader© and Adobe Flashplayer©. These bundled software applications are not a virus or malware, but often times they may unnecessarily rob your PC of precious resources. Further, bundled software such as McAfee – a security type program – will conflict with any security program you may already have installed on your laptop or PC.

Prevent Unwanted Software Programs from Being Installed

Adobe products such as Reader and Flashplayer are essential tools that most people use on a daily basis. If you need to read a PDF document, or visually see animations on web pages, these two software components are indispensable.

Like most software programs, however, periodic updates for Reader and Flashplayer are released. Depending upon how your laptop or PC was set up, these updates are either automatically applied, or you must manually approve, download, and install them.

Here’s what you need to watch for when you update Adobe products so you don’t install any unwanted software:

Adobe Flash player: Watch for the “check boxes”

NAC Adobe 1

Be sure to “uncheck” the boxes before proceeding:

NAC Adobe 2

Once the boxes are unchecked, simply select the “Install now” button

NAC Adobe 5


Adobe Reader: Watch for the “check boxes”

NAC Adobe 1a

Be sure to “uncheck” any boxes before proceeding:

NAC Adobe 4


As the illustrations above show, there are various offers so its important to take your time while installing updates for software like Adobe Flash player and Reader.

We hope this information helps, and we’ll be certain to offer some more PC tips again soon!